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Alander Cup 2019 – Tournaments Rules and Regulations

Organizer:            TourEvent Tournament


Contact Person:   Seppo Alander

                             Tel. +491733672466

Location:              BLZ (Bundesleistungcentrum für Eishockey) 87629, Füssen, Germany



Tournament Rules:

 1.   Players are eligible to participate in the age classifications if they are of that age or younger.

      Minimun of persons in team is 13 skater (players) and 1 goalkeeper

2.   Net playingtime consists of 2 x 15 minutes, no pause or intermission between periods.

      Warmup time on the ice is approximately 2 minutes and without pucks.

    Teams U16 playing 2 x 20 minutes.

3.   Participating teams in Pee-Wee -07 and -06, Pantam-Minor, -05 and -04 are seated within three

teams, in four Division (A, B, C and D). The winner will be determined as stated in the enclosed game plan. 

-03 Teams in Bantam-Major seated within 5 Teams in two Division. The winner 

will be determined as stated in the enclosed game plan

4.   Determination of the standing within a Division will be based on:

                                          Win = 2 points,  Tie = 1 points,  Loss =  0 points

      The winner in a Division is the team with the highest total points. By egualy standing two or more teams have the

      same number of points  for any rank, will be applies follows:

1.        a game will be held between the two teams (only by agualy standing from two teams)

2.        The goals for and against between the all samepoints teams

3.        Shooting all goals in group

4.        goal ratio of all games

      In the case of a tie for the play-offs and the final standings will take penalty shots with 3 players each team.

      Visitors team must startet.

 5.   Players with matchpenalties and serious disciplinarypenalties will be excluded from the teams next match.

      Very serious cases will eliminate the player from the entire  tournament

6.   Any protests or disputes will be heard if brought to the committee within 15 minutes of completion of the

      game in guestion. Any such issues will be resolved by the disciplinary committee comprised of the Tournament

      Board of Directors and one representative of the competing teams. All decisions are final.

7.   IIHF statues and DEB (German Ichockey Federation) disciplinary rules and regulations are effect for the Tournament.

8.   The allocation of refrees will be decided by the chairmann of BEV

      Pee-Wees, Bantam-Minor and –Major, the 2-man-system.

9.   Every team must bring along a „home“ and „away“ jersey.

10.  The sponsors, organizers and officials are released of all liability or accident which may be incurred at this

      event. Each team must carry it´s own insurance.

11.  All teams must be willing to display the tournaments sponsor´s logo on their sports equipment

12.  All travelling expenses and hotel etc. costs must be covered by the teams

13.  All teams will receive a writtten invitation from the organizers to particiate in the tournament

14.  The opening ceremony and awards ceremony will take place on the ice.

      The Players must appear wearing their jerseys

15   The 1. place team receives a trophy and all players receive medals

      1. 2. and 3. places receive gold, silver and bronze colored medals, any other player receives memory medals